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The Fifth International Youth Scholars Forum of the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) commenced on the morning of June 20th. Mr. YANG Renshu, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of USTB and President of USTB, attended the event and delivered an opening speech. 84 young talents from well-known universities and research institutions in nearly 20 countries and regions of Asia, Europe, the United States and Australia, as well as heads of the relevant departments of the school, leaders of teaching and research units and teachers’ representatives attended the opening ceremony.


The opening ceremony was hosted by Vice President ZANG Yong.



President YANG first extended his warm welcome to the scholars present at the forum. He briefly introduced USTB and its future vision, and then expressed how he highly valued new talents. He described how USTB’s development has continued to build momentum over the years. President YANG said that USTB is speeding up the implementation of the “Double-First Class” initiative, and has established a development strategy whereby 2020 USTB will be an internationally renowned high-level multidisciplinary research university, and by 2030 USTB it will be ranked among other world-class universities in its own distinct fields of expertise. Finally, by 2050, USTB will be a world-class university with distinctive characteristics as well as a global educational center for the research of Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Science. President YANG emphasized that USTB regards talents as the fundamental driving force for achieving the completion of the “Double-First Class” initiative. He issued a sincere invitation to the young scholars and friends at home and abroad to study at USTB, work at USTB and take root here. The young talents will be offered a competitive platform, favorable work environment and attractive salary. Finally, he called them to make joint efforts to realize the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and USTB’s dream of becoming a world-class university.


Several division leaders of USTB introduced the development of the school’s disciplines, personnel talent policies, the high-tech innovation center, and the Institute for Integration and Innovation. The leaders include LIN Lin, Division Chief of the Office of Development and Planning, as well as Director and Secretary-General of the Office of the Academic Committee, SUN Jinghong, Division Chief of the Office of Human Resource and Director of the Talents Office, WANG Luning, Deputy Director of the Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Materials Genome Engineering, and WANG Rongming, Executive Vice President of the Institute for Integration and Innovation.


11 sub forums were held, including the Materials Science Forum, Civil and Resource Engineering Forum, Advanced Metallurgy Forum, Machinery Forum, Energy and Environmental Frontier Forum, Automation Frontier Technology Forum, Future Information Technology Forum, Mathematics Forum, Chemistry Forum, Economic Management Forum, and Law Forum. Hot issues of international academic interest and scientific development were discussed through reports and academic seminars. The forum can be regarded as a bridge for excellent young scholars at home and abroad to conduct academic exchanges and pursue individual development, as well as being a good opportunity for participants to expand their academic horizons, promote exchanges and cooperation.


It was said by SUN Yat-sen that talents are critical in the development of the country, and thus are of practical importance for the development of universities. Talents are the foundation of a top school, the basis of competition, and the key to development. They are also the seeds and hope for realizing the goal of building a world-class university. In recent years, USTB has adhered to the strategy of “invigorating the school through human resource development”, placing teams of talents in prominent positions for the school's reform and development, actively promoted the reform of the system of talent development, adhered to the national innovation strategy and interdisciplinary integration, and actively taken part in global competition. New and varied ideas will always be welcomed in USTB and talents will always be cherished and utilized by the university. USTB hopes to join hands with young scholars at home and abroad to write a new chapter on the journey to the great rejuvenation of China.