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On August 25, a group of USTB teachers and students from the School of Civil and Resources Engineering visited the Arctic Mines Summer School 2019 (AMSS2019) for a four-week internship.

The AMSS2019 is a summer mining internship jointly organized by Kajaani University in Finland (KAMK) and Lapland University of Applied Science (LAPIN AMK). For the course, 22 students from Asia, Australia, and the US participated. From USTB, 12 students joined the internship, and were led by Deputy Dean of the School of Civil and Resources Engineering Geng Qiannan and teachers from the Department of Resources Engineering Tan Yuye and Sun Hao. The activity was broken into 3 phases: orientation work, the internship, and the final report. The students participated in a number of activities including lectures, workshops, laboratory work, fieldwork, field trips, and a social program. They also visited four cities (KajaaniSaariselkaRovaniemiKemi), the two hosting universities, three mines, and met with a number of experts in the field. This internship was the first overseas mining internship undertaken by USTB, and served to enhance the students’ knowledge of the field as well as increase their international skills. They were able to meet and work with experts and students from around the world, helping them to both broaden their individual expertise as well as build connections with those they met.


Teachers Tan and Sun, along with Liu Zhihe from Shandong University of Technology, delivered academic presentations to representatives from KAMK at the AMSS2019. USTB students also met and exchanged with students from China, Japan, Australia, and the US.


Students enjoyed 26 lectures covering mining, automation, and environmental safety. Well known international experts like Mr. Antti Peronius came to deliver presentations, and Mr. Pekka Suomela, the CEO of the Finnish Mining Association, was also on hand.



Three brainstorming seminars were organized, entitled “Intelligent mining planning”, “Approval procedures for new mines in different countries” and “Ore & rock identification and classification methods”. Students organized into groups and worked together using their critical thinking skills and teamwork.



During their laboratory work, students were given the opportunity to work with a variety of testing and research methods, including XRD and XRF. Each session was led by a teacher who led the students through the experimental process.



During the internship USTB students learned a great deal about Finnish culture and participated in a number of outreach activities with local students. They also visited some local spots of interest including the Tankavaara Gold Museum and witnessed the Gold Panning World Championship 2019, afterwards going visiting a ‘Santa Claus Village’ tourist spot. Spending time with the locals helped the students to build closer friendships and improve their international skills.