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Recently, USTB Vice President Wang Weicai led a delegation to Germany and Belgium and conducted inter-school exchanges with RWTH Aachen University, LMU Munich and KU Leuven. During the tour, the delegation visited also the Chinese Consulate General in Munich and met with local USTB alumni, friends and exchange students.

2019 coincided with the 40th anniversary of the partnership between USTB and RWTH Aachen University, which was a central topic of conversation when Vice President Wang met with RWTH Rector Ulrich Rüdiger. The two warmly discussed the four decade long partnership and the upcoming celebration in September, to which Vice President Wang invited Rector Rüdiger to join. Afterwards the two sides discussed cooperative projects to be carried out between the two universities. The delegation also met with other representatives from the university to discuss collaborative activities as well as the the history of the shared partnership.

Photo taken with Rector Rüdiger at RWTH Aachen University

Photo taken with Professor Senk

While in Germany the delegation also visited LMU Munich and met with the Vice Chancellor Hans van Ess, who signed a letter of intent for cooperation with USTB. The delegation then discussed further avenues for collaboration, as well as meeting with Professor Spann, Dean of the School of Business and Economics at LMU Munich.

Photo taken with Vice Chancellor Hans van Ess.

Afterwards the delegation traveled to Belgium to visit KU Leuven, where they met Vice President Govers, and the heads of the engineering, materials, mechanical, and electronic engineering departments. There they discussed potential for further collaboration with KU Leuven.

Photo taken at KU Leuven.

During the tour of Germany and Belgium, the delegation met with over 100 USTB alumni and international students. Vice President Wang warmly greeted them and spoke of the importance of their work, as well as inviting them to soon return home to China and their alma mater. They also discussed the growth and development of USTB, as well as the studies and work of those they met.

The visit abroad succeeded in its goal of helping to expand USTB’s global cooperative efforts and allowed Vice President Wang to meet with many young talents. Such work is necessary for USTB to grow into the future. Representatives who accompanied the Vice President included those from departments including the International Office, Human Resources, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Automation and Electrical Engineering, School of Computer and Communication Engineering, and New Materials Technology Research Institute.