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USTB Adds Two New Postdoctoral Research Stations


Recently, USTB was authorized to establish postdoctoral research stations in the fields of ‘business administration’ and ‘Marxist theory’.


Since declaring its intention to establish new postdoctoral research stations in April 2019, USTB has organized its departments to carefully carry-out the necessary research and preparations for submitting successful applications for the construction of new stations. Internally, each department has convened experts and met to discuss how to efficiently undergo the application process under the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, PRC.


Currently there are 17 postdoctoral research stations at USTB, for the departments of mechanics, mining engineering, safety science and engineering, civil engineering, metallurgical engineering, the history of science and technology, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, power engineering and engineering thermophysics, environmental science and engineering, computer science and technology, information and communication engineering, control science and engineering, chemistry, management science and engineering, and now business administration and Marxist theory. These stations have been responsible for the university’s contributions to the sciences and humanities, as well as advancing its “double first-class” strategy for making USTB a top internationally-acclaimed university.


USTB established its first postdoctoral research stations for materials science & engineering and metallurgical engineering in 1985, when China officially commenced the implementation of its postdoctoral system. Since then four disciplines with postdoctoral research stations have been recognized as top global disciplines, including Materials Science and Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mining Engineering and the History of Science and Technology. 15 USTB postdoctoral research stations are ranked in the top 30% of their respective disciplines world-wide. From these programs the university has entered into productive international partnerships and produced many high-level talents, some being honored as Distinguished Professors of the Changjiang Scholar Program.