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USTB Hosts Signing Ceremony with Baoshan Iron and Steel Co. & Appointment Ceremony of Academician Mao Xinping

On October 15th, USTB hosted the "Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. - University of Science and Technology Beijing Comprehensive Cooperative Framework Agreement" signing as well as formally appointed Academician Mao Xinping to a full-time position at USTB. Those present at the event were Deputy General Manager of Baoshan Iron and Steel Co. Chu Shuangjie, Assistant General Manager and President of the Central Research Institute Wu Jun, USTB Chancellor Mr. Wu Guilong, USTB President Professor Yang Renshu, Deputy Chancellor and Vice President Professor Xue Qingguo, and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Mao Xinping. Also included were several other representatives from Baosteel and various departments of USTB. The ceremony was presided over by USTB Vice President Professor Zang Yong.


Chancellor Wu Guilong commenced the event with a speech welcoming all the participants and thanking them for their contributions to helping develop the university. He spoke on two significant points, those being the initial collaboration between USTB and the Baoshan Iron and Steel Co. in 2006, and now the appointment of Academician Mao Xinping to the university. He concluded by expressing his hope that the partnership between the two groups would continue to grow stronger, and that Academician Mao would act as a go-between for improving university-industry collaborative activities.


Deputy General Manager Chu Shuangjie spoke next and praised USTB’s contributions to the development of the nation and the iron & steel industry. He then spoke warmly of the collaboration between Baoshan Iron and Steel Co. and USTB, outlining their mutual accomplishments and his hopes they would continue to work together in order to provide a model for strong university-industry partnerships. He ended by detailing possible areas of further development, such as research on steel strength, green manufacturing, and intelligent factories, and how together they would continue to push the boundaries of scientific research and development.


Following the speeches, in honor of USTB’s long tradition of recruiting and honoring top-level talents, President Yang Renshu officially extended an invitation to Academician Mao Xinping to join the university as a fully tenured professor.


Academician Mao Xinping is an alumnus of USTB whose father also graduated from the university. After accepting President Yang’s invitation, Academician Mao thanked him and explained his love for USTB was the result of two generations of dedication to the university. He then went on to thank the Baowu Group for their training, and his plan to become a bridge linking academia and industry in order to deepen cooperation between the two groups.


Following that address, Assistant General Manager Wu Jun and Vice President Xue Qingguo signed the comprehensive cooperative framework agreement on behalf of both parties.


USTB and Baosteel have maintained a strong partnership since initially collaborating with each other, and over the years cooperative efforts have included joint research and talent exchanges. Today they plan to together tackle new and emerging fields of study, including green manufacturing, intelligent factories, and other frontier technologies. President Yang Renshu said that both parties benefited well from each other, with both academia and industry relying on each other to grow. He expressed his confidence that the partnership was sure to grow stronger in the years to come.


Biography of Academician Mao Xinping

Academician Mao is a graduate of USTB and an expert in metal forming processing. For many years he has been engaged in the R&D of thin slab continuous casting and rolling technologies and low-cost high-performance steel materials. He is the winner of many awards for scientific and technological progress as well as other honorary positions, and has published two monographs. In 2015 he was elected to become an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.