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During the Special period of Epidemic Prevention and Control, How do the USTBers Study Online

During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, all the teachers, students and staff of USTB had the first class of the semester online together. No matter in campus or back home, all the international students also participate the class actively.



After watching the first class together,the online studying of International students has also begun. What would their day be like? Come and have a look with us!









One of the students, named Brighton, said:"It has been two weeks that we started online studying. For me, taking course online is actually pretty interesting and relaxing too because everything is in my comfort zone. In the beginning it was a little complicated to get everything done smoothly, I bothered my class teacher so much. But I am glad I have the best teacher, she helped me and everyone else understand how to go about the online classes. It was in no time that I got accustomed to the system.  I know that some of my friends are now in their own countries, this means that most of them need to overcome jet lag and get up for class when they should be sleeping. I want to say to all my colleagues and classmates, nobody said it would be easy. Let’s work hard for the dreams we have set in our hearts and seize the days taking our study seriously. We hope for everything to normalize in time. In the meantime, as China fights this epidemic let’s persist because every sweat we drop shall not go in vein! To China, there’s never a day that goes by without my hope increasing because I know there people out there risking their lives to save lives. China come on! USTB come on! Let’s fight together!"



Just like Brighton, after a quick adjustment, the international students can enjoy learning online gradually. Their earnest attitude towards study, also received the teachers' praise!


Teacher WANG:It wasn't easy for students in Moscow. They need to take class in the early morning. They attend the class on time, though it was dark all around.

Teacher FAN:It is really not easy for international students to overcome the jet lag.