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2019 “Touch the Heart of USTB” Winners Officially Announced

On the 68th anniversary of the founding of USTB, the 2019 “Touch the Heart of USTB” winners were officially announced. Drawn from those who had been highlighted in the news over the past year, the many strong and resolute faces of teachers and students shine out from USTB, their true stories touching our hearts and making the quiet campus resound once again with a moving melody of service and compassion.

The selection of the “Touch the Heart of USTB” winners is part of USTB’s efforts to expand the cultural impact of the university by cultivating and recognizing those who reflect our values. Following the announcement of the selection process on December 9, 2019, after four months of sorting recommendations, undertaking preliminary reviews, rounds of voting, and a final review before publishing the results, 10 individuals and teams were finally been selected as winners of the “Touch the Heart of USTB” 2019 competition.

The winners are: ZHAO Jun, an alumnus who has been working hard in the iron making line of the TangStell Group for more than 20 years; Professor QU Xuanhui’s team, whose research has focused on advanced forming technology of high-performance materials; members of the mathematics teaching team of the School of Mathematics and Physics who have devoted themselves to teaching reforms and won the respect of numerous students; the USTB poverty alleviation team in Qin’an county, who work on the community level to help poverty-stricken counties to overcome poverty; all the teachers and students who participated in the parade on the 70th anniversary of National Day, who showed their dedication to the motherland, enthusiasm for work and an attitude of striving for perfection; Prof. WAN Xiangyuan of the School of Chemistry and Biological Engineering, who has contributed to the research and development of biological industry and national food security; YANG Guoqing, a second year graduate student of the School of Economics and Management, who helped the poor people in his hometown become prosperous; WU Jigeng, a teacher who has been working diligently for more than ten years in the USTB Seniors College; the Party branch of the undergraduate English Department, which is devoted to educating people of talent and won recognition as a model branch by the Ministry of Education; and finally the “CalmSpoon” innovation and entrepreneurship team who are determined to improve the living conditions of patients who suffer from tremors.

This is the third iteration of the “Touch the Heart of USTB” competition. Those teachers and students who were selected are known to have adhered to the school motto of “seeking truth and endorsing innovation”, embodied the spirit of love, rejuvenation and honor of USTB, carried on the tradition of those who make up USTB’s 68 year-old history, and fully demonstrated the characteristics of “seeking excellence and having the courage to take the lead” for the new era.


The “Craftsman Spirit” of patriotism and dedication

ZHAO Jun, who has been working in the iron making line of TangSteel Group for more than 20 years, has worked hard to overcome difficulties; when he was ordered to go to a foreign country at difficult time, he strove to create miracles. He helped to alleviate the challenges affecting the livelihood of thousands of people in half a year with a team of only nine people. He is the one of the pioneers of the “one belt, one road” initiative, is a believer in the power of the community of a shared future for mankind, is a "model of the times", and represents the glory of USTB.

             Professor QU Xuanhui’s Team

The “Pioneering Spirit” of bravery and innovation 

Never forgetting the original aspiration to serve the country, the team always kept in mind the mission of strengthening the country, focused on being at the forefront of their discipline and addressing major national needs, and worked hard for decades to overcome difficulties. They focused their research on advanced forming technology of high-performance materials, helping with the formation and development of new enterprises in the powder metallurgy industry, and combining academic strength and scientific research resources with advanced personnel training.

Mathematics Teaching Team

The “Reform Spirit” of opening the mind, seeking truth and being pragmatic

The team has pioneered educational reform by promoting education through competition and studying older and newer teaching methods to promote their discipline, and has worked hard to cultivate students through their lessons. Their honors are numerous and are widely respected by their students.

           USTB Poverty Alleviation Team in Qin’an County

The “Public Servant Spirit” of serving the people and working with diligence

The USTB poverty alleviation team working in Qin’an County has been working for a long time on the front lines to help the masses to become prosperous through hard work. In so doing they have worked to draw up plans of action, cultivate talents, introduce projects and strengthen industries, all in order to help poverty-stricken counties win the battle against poverty.

The USTB Teachers and Students of the 70th Anniversary of National Day Celebration

The “Iron Army Spirit” of having firm faith

The National Day 70th Anniversary ceremony was magnificent and exciting. 2,126 teachers and students trained hard over three months to participate in the grand ceremony. Showing their enthusiasm and hard working attitude while striving for perfection, they presented a gift to the motherland and the people.

Prof. WAN Xiangyuan

The “Scientific Spirit” of independence and seeking truth from facts

Prof. WAN and his team have participated in a number of national projects, contributing to the development of biological industry and national food security. He has continued to pursue innovation in the development and the construction of USTB’s scientific disciplines, setting an example to educate people by virtue, and thereby becoming a favored tutor by many students.

YANG Guoqing

The “Fighting Spirit” of having firm ideals and being indomitable

YANG Guoqing’s devotion to serving the motherland and community arose out of his own youthful struggle. Upon returning to his hometown he helped the poor people of the community to earn a greater income through utilizing the internet. He has served as a model for the youth of nation in shouldering the responsibility of serving the community.

WU Jigeng

The “Dedication Spirit” of Selfless Service

WU Jigeng has been working diligently at the USTB Seniors College for 14 years. Through providing comprehensive handouts, self-made courseware, passionate teaching, and enthusiastic Q&As, he has continued working hard regardless of compensation. Over the years he has stuck to his original passion for teaching, cultivated students diligently all the year round, and spearheaded efforts to improve teaching quality.

The Party Branch of the Undergraduate English Department

The “Professional Spirit” of educating people of talent

As part of the top ten party branches of USTB, they grew to become the first batch of model branches of the Ministry of Education. They have worked for more than ten years to devote themselves to more than 9,000 class hours and 38 courses. Those of the Party branch of the Undergraduate English Department are a model of USTB as demonstrated through their hard work, adhering to strict ethics, and having many outstanding achievements.

CalmSpoon Team

The “Innovation Spirit” of enterprising and pioneering

Small inventions, big feelings! The CalmSpoon Team are dedicated to improving the living conditions of patients with tremor diseases; they inject humanistic care into science and technology, and are committed to bringing their skills to provide “intelligent medical treatment”. In light of those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, the team has taken inspiration from those hardships to develop new technologies to help others.