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USTB Holds 14th “President’s Medal” Candidate Defense Meeting


Recently, USTB hosted its 14th “President’s Medal” candidate defense meeting via online platform. The meeting was attended by Prof. XUE Qingguo, Vice Chancellor and Vice President of USTB, as well as representatives from the Party Committee Publicity Office, Department of the Registrar, Graduate School, Department of Student Affairs, Communist Youth League Committee, Department of Admissions & Career Services, International Student Center and relevant schools, who also acted as judges. The meeting was chaired by Mr. MA Cong, Associate Director of the Department of Student Affairs.

Mr. MA began by explaining candidate application, evaluation and voting rules of the 14th “President’s Medal” award. This year the selection process began on April 23. Based on individual and work unit recommendations, 12 undergraduate and 25 graduate students (2 being international students) from 14 work units were submitted for consideration for the “President’s Medal”. Following a further appraisal by experts, 11 undergraduate and 14 graduate students were selected as candidates for the defense meeting.

For each candidate’s defense, they presented their academic history, life experience and achievements as part of their personal statement. The meeting’s atmosphere was lively, despite the judges and candidates having to interact via an online platform. Afterwards the judges voted by a secret ballot for their preferred candidates. After a counting of the votes, 19 students were chosen as winners of the 14th “President’s Medal” based on their outstanding research achievements and moving personal statements, including LIU Yiqing, a student from the School of Civil and Resources Engineering.

The “President’s Medal” was first awarded in 2007, and is the highest honor that the university may confer upon a student. It aims to inspire in students USTB’s mottos of “seeking truth and pursuing innovation” and “being rigorous in learning and dedicated to practice”. It has since served to create a lively campus atmosphere and promoted students to pursue further education, deepen their love for the nation, and follow their youthful dreams. In 2020, in taking account of discipline distribution and for the purpose of expanding the selection of students while increasing incentives, the Office of the President decided to consider no more than 20 candidates at a time for the “President’s Medal”. Students who are nominated for the award must be recommended either personally or by a work unit, pass a series of appraisals and reviews, and finally submit a personal defense of their individual qualities before being chosen and having their victory announced to the university.