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 Four USTB Undergraduate Majors Receive CEEAA Accreditation

In a recent announcement by the China Engineering Education Accreditation Association (CEEAA), four USTB undergraduate majors were listed as having been accredited, which will be valid for six years starting from January 2020. They are Material Shaping & Controlling Engineering, Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mineral Processing Engineering, among which the latter three majors had been accredited in 2016 when they first applied. The second accreditation symbolizes the high educational quality of these three majors, ranking them firmly in the frontier of global engineering education.


Engineering education accreditation refers to the endorsing of engineering programs at institutions of higher education. Generally speaking, it is carried out by professional or industrial associations, professional academies and experts, and entrepreneurs in the industry. The accreditation aims to provide quality assurance for the preparatory education of relevant talents entering technical professions. In June 2016, China officially became a full member of the Washington Accord. Since then, majors that have been accredited by CEEAA have met international standards of engineering education and the expertise of the graduates of these majors are recognized around the world, allowing them to travel for study at top universities internationally.


As of 2020, USTB has 13 qualified majors, with 11 of them having passed the second assessment. This is an endorsement of USTB’s undergraduate discipline construction, encouraging us to further improve our engineering education system and quality. We will remain committed to the goal pursuing engineering education accreditation, as well as improving the international recognition of our graduates in relevant majors, paving the way for students to grow.