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Hundreds of High School Students Attend USTB’s “National University Science Camp" Online

From August 15th to 21st, USTB hosted the 2020 Youth Science Camp via online broadcast. Nearly 200 students and teachers from more than ten provinces including Henan, Shanxi, Hubei and Hong Kong participated in the event. Since the China Association for Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education first jointly organized the Youth University Science Camp in 2012, USTB has hosted the event for 9 consecutive years, and held the opening ceremony of the National Youth University Science Camp of Beijing in 2019.


Academician MAO Xinping teaches camp attendees


During the seven-day camp, students participated in lectures delivered by famous masters, experts and scholars. Academician MAO Xinping gave a lecture on the theme of “Dream of a Powerful Iron and Steel Country”, helping students to develop a new understanding of the steel industry by seeing its impact on their everyday life. Prof. PANG Xiaolu gave a lecture on the frontiers of science and technology with his presentation on “The Cornerstone of Human Civilization and Society: The Development of Material Science Technology”. The lecture emphasized the significance of a university education and then addressed the development human civilization and society through the lens of the history and progress of materials science and technology. Prof. PANG’s lecture helped students learn about and have a new understanding on the nature of scientific research.


Students visit USTB through live broadcast


USTB helped the students to experience the university campus and life through its live broadcast. Students visited the State Key Laboratory for Advanced Metals and Materials and learned about advanced technology with the help of their guide’s explanation.


Science camp counselor explains smart car assembly


Online research practice was a main part of the event. USTB mailed Arduino smart car materials to each camp participant, and a science camp counselor explained the process of assembling it. Students could practice assembling the car by themselves, and in the process learn more about the development and circuitry of smart cars. They were given a comprehensive explanation of the general facts and scientific principals behind the smart car, helping to develop a strong interest in the subject among the students.


Students complete the smart car assembly


During the event, students learned more about USTB. Mr. YANG Guoqing, the head of the “MengZiju” entrepreneurial team, gave a speech on entrepreneurship and detailed the journey of a college student entrepreneur, helping the students to better understand the significance of entrepreneurship. The MEI Robot, Master Robot team and model aircraft team presented on student competitions and their associated honors, shared their knowledge of robots and model aircraft, and helped students have a deeper interest in the subjects.


Students from Yunxiao No. 4 Middle School at the closing ceremony


On the evening of August 21st, all the students participated in the closing ceremony of the camp. Counselors sent messages to students, sharing their experiences from the event over the past week as well as expressing their best wishes. Additionally, the students shared their experiences and what they had learned from participating in the science camp. At last, the 2020 Youth Science Camp of USTB closed successfully.


During the course of the online science camp, USTB made full use of the university’s resources and hosted a series of activities with rich content that received positive responses from teachers and students. This event helped more young students experience the charm of science and technology, and inspired within them the ideal of how science and technology should serve the country.