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USTB Hosts Laboratory-Enterprise Matchmaking Conference in Yantai City

On the afternoon of August 26th, the Capital SCI & TEC Resources Platform Laboratory-Enterprise Matchmaking Conference hosted by the University of Science and Technology Beijing was successfully held in Yantai City. Organized jointly by the USTB-Yantai Technology Park, Beijing Technology Exchange & Promotion Center, and Yantai Association for Science and Technology, the conference attracted representatives from more than one hundred labs and one thousand enterprises. It achieved great success thanks to the cooperation between the Yantai Society of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering & Technology and the R&D service bases from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University and the University of Science and Technology Beijing.


LIU Yadong delivering introduction on behalf of USTB


Mr. LIU Yadong, the general manager of the Testing Center of USTB, gave an introduction on behalf of USTB. He pointed out that USTB’s core strength is materials science, and through years of development has established a strong platform for advanced device manufacturing and technological resources in the fields of energy conservation, environmental protection, information technology, and industrial design.


During one section of the conference a promotional video was played to introduce the scientific research achievements of Assoc. Prof. LI Hongxiang, a research scientist from the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Metallurgy, and Assoc. Prof. WANG Xiaohui, the associate director of the Department of Industrial Design, School of Mechanical Engineering. The video showed the fruitful results that USTB experts have achieved in the fields of magnesia-alumina light alloys and “Digital Twin” technology.


Project docking between local enterprises and the technology park


The USTB-Yantai Technology Park is a university-local authority-enterprise research and innovation platform and new material industry incubator established by USTB and the administrative commission of the Yantai Development Area. It focuses on six key functions including technology innovation, enterprise incubation, outcome transformation, experimentation and testing, talent cultivation, and international communication and aims to gather industrial resources from universities and research institutes in Beijing to promote the development of the local economy and enterprises. The conference was held with such a goal, with the hope that the Laboratory-Enterprise Matchmaking Conference could become an ongoing event of Yantai City. The work was strongly supported by the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission. In the future, the USTB-Yantai Technology Park will be the channel for the Capital SCI & TEC Resources Platform to serve Yantai City and will work to provide all-round talent and technology support for the innovation and development of Yantai enterprises. 


Showing of promotional material