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Leaders from GRINM Group Corporation visit USTB

On the morning of September 2, Mr. ZHAO Xiaochen, CEO of the GRINM Group and Mr. XIONG Boqing, general manager of the GRINM Group led a delegation to visit USTB and the National Center for Materials Service Safety. The delegation was received by Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB, and Prof. WANG Weicai, Vice President of USTB.



Mr. ZHANG Weidong, deputy chief director of the National Center for Materials Service Safety introduced the basic information and progress of the project, the development of the National Science Center and plans for its further development to the delegation, and expressed his expectations at working with the GRINM Group.


Mr. ZHAO Xiaochen and his delegation visited the research and testing sites for mechanochemistry, multiphase flow, natural atmosphere, high temperature and high pressure, creep test station, etc. with Prof. YANG Renshu and Prof. WANG Weicai. The delegation listened to introductions by the staff of each experimental station and had exchanges with experts on related technical issues.



The delegation was impressed by the scientific installations and experimental capabilities of the National Center for Materials Service Safety of USTB. Mr. ZHAO Xiaochen said that the GRINM Group and USTB have a high degree of industry compatibility and there is broad room for cooperation. The Group plans to arrange for relevant personnel to visit the Center for in-depth cooperation. Prof. YANG Renshu said that USTB’s scientific installations were made possible through the investment of the nation. As such, it is USTB’s responsibility to serve major national projects and industries. USTB is confident it will be able to provide the best services for industrial enterprises.