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USTB Held 2020 Opening Ceremony to Welcome Graduate Students

On the morning of September 11th, USTB held an opening ceremony at the Sports Field to welcome the incoming graduate students of the class of 2020. The ceremony was attended by university leaders, 670 Ph.D. candidates and 3,422 master's degree students.



In view of the coronavirus epidemic, the ceremony was streamed online so as to include the incoming students at the Guanzhuang Campus and Changping Park Campus as well as their families, allowing them to enjoy the event together.



The ceremony began at 8 am. During the flag raising ceremony, all the attendants stood up and sang the national anthem of the PRC.



Ms. SUN Fengxiao, a student of the School of Mechanical Engineering and a member of the Graduate Student Union Presidium, addressed the incoming students. She shared the experience of her six-years of study in USTB, and expressed her deep admiration for previous generations of students. She exhorted the incoming students to be confident and take decisive action in the pursuit of their dreams. She further encouraged them to devote themselves to developing China's technological base. Ms. SUN concluded by saying that USTB students should be diligent, practical and ready to shoulder the responsibilities of the new era; only those who work hard will reap a rich life.



Mr. QI Zhiyong, from the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering, served as a representative of the incoming graduate students. He spoke of his 4 years of prior study at USTB, his wonderful memory of it, and how he was proud of being a master's student in USTB. He expressed the resolutions of the class of 2020: to keep true to the Chinese dream and bear in mind the mission of serving the country; to make common progress through independent study and teamwork; to adopt innovative thought and tie one’s personal future to the rejuvenation of China.



Prof. LI Xiaogang of the Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology then spoke on behalf of the graduate tutors. He expressed his hope that all students, when embarking on a new journey, would consider the following questions: firstly, why we are here to pursue a master's or doctoral degree? Because we aim to become first-class experts and achieve greatness. Secondly, how to become a successful master's or Ph.D. student? The key is lifelong self-study. Thirdly, what is needed most of China's first-class experts? The answer is building a solid foundation in the natural sciences and the pursuing the truth. He hoped that everyone would dedicate themselves to self-study and lifelong learning in the pursuit of science and truth, so that they could become first-class experts and serve China.



Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB, delivered an inspirational speech on behalf of the leadership, faculty and staff of USTB. He extended his heartfelt congratulations and warm welcome to the incoming graduate students. He spoke of how USTB had made outstanding contributions to the development of China, and how it would be a sensible choice to study here. He encouraged all the students to seize the moment and offered his advice on accomplishing life goals. “On the one hand, to cultivate great virtue is our responsibility. We cannot do without decency and resolution. On the other hand, we must develop our skills and make constant progress.”



The ceremony concluded with the USTB school song.