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USTB Wins Awards at Recent Beijing College Student Team Competitions


From September 12th to 13th, the China Undergraduate Physics Tournament (North China division) was held online. Group led by Profs. CHEN Sen and SUN Mingming from the Natural Science Experimental Center and Profs. WU Ping, ZHAO Xuedan and ZHANG Shiping from the School of Mathematics and Physics won first prize after intense competition among 18 teams and qualified to be in the 11th Chinese University Student Physics Academic Competition.


Teams prepare for competition


The China Undergraduate Physics Tournament is a national competition based on the International Young Physicists’ Tournament. It aims to improve students' ability to analyze and solve real world physics problems, and cultivate their critical thinking and teamwork abilities. Since it was first held in Nankai University in 2010, CUPT has developed into the largest and best-regarded annual academic exchange event for physics majors in China. It also aims to implement the national innovation-driven development strategy program and is a national long-term development plan for education.


Team ‘Tote Technology’ making a defense for ‘Internet+’


Additionally, in the semi-finals of the 6th China International "Internet+" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition recently held in Beijing, the group led by Profs. HUANG Miaofeng and CHEN Sen along with 12 students won second prize at the competition. Their project was “Tote Technology: Making the most easy-to-understand maglev train teaching aid”.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were numerous challenges in preparing for the various competitions. Teachers from USTB insisted on the concept of being “innovative and practical", and cooperated with the students and to overcome the difficulties resulting from the epidemic and achieving excellent results.