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USTB Holds Appointment Ceremony for Academician WU Fengchang to the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering


On the afternoon of September 20th, the appointment ceremony of Academician WU Fengchang as part of the opening semester of the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering was held in the Staff Auditorium. The event was attended by Prof. WU Fengchang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. ZANG Yong, Vice President of USTB, as well as teachers and freshmen from the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering. Prof. XING Yi, Dean of the School of Energy and Environmental Engineering, extended his welcome to the incoming students of the class of 2020. He spoke of how USTB high values its talents and how Academician WU Fengchang was appointed after several rounds of negotiations.




Mr. ZANG Yong issued a certificate of appointment to Academician WU and delivered a speech. He stressed that energy safety is of strategic importance in the country's economic and social development. He was hopeful that all students would do their best to delve into their studies and improve skills, and closely tie their personal development to both national and societal development.




After the appointment ceremony, Academician WU delivered a report titled “Devote Yourself to Energy Safety and Environmental Protection to Build a Beautiful China”. He also spoke with students and answered several of their questions. The students were greatly inspired by his instructive speech and showed their resolution to strive for innovation in energy and environmental technology.