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President YANG Renshu and Academician MAO Xinping Visit Pangang Group

On November 17, Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB, and Prof. MAO Xinping, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, led a delegation to visit the Pangang Group. The delegation was received by Mr. DUAN Xiangdong Vice President of the Ansteel Group and Chairman of the Pangang Group, Mr. CHEN Yong and Mr. XIE Qichun, deputy managers of the Pangang Group, and Mr. LIU Fengqiang Vice President of the Technical Development Department of Ansteel Group. 



Prof. YANG and the delegation met with Mr. DUAN and Mr. CHEN and visited the Pangang Group’s production control center, multi-function track-beam production line, vanadium-nitrogen alloy production line, and titanium sponge production line. 



In the afternoon, the two sides organized a meeting to discuss the cooperation framework agreement between the Ansteel Group and USTB. At the meeting, USTB and Ansteel reviewed university-enterprise cooperation in the past and expressed their desire to deepen mutual cooperation with an open mind for the future.



Mr. HU Hongfei, manager of the Technical Development Department of the Pangang Group, pointed out major fields for future cooperation while four experts ZHAO Zhengzhi, WANG Lijun, CHEN Xianzhong, LIU Zhengjian delivered academic reports. 

The meeting was attended by principals of the technical department of the Angang Group, as well as the relevant departments and subsidiaries of the Pangang Group, and scholars from both USTB’s Department of Science and Technology and relevant research institutes.