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USTB Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with BAIC Group

On November 19, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between USTB and the BAIC Group was held in the BAIC Motor Industry R&D Base. The event was attended by Mr. LIU Minhua, Deputy Director of the Beijing Talents Bureau, as well as leadership from the two sides. Mr. CAI Suping, Deputy General Manager of the BAIC Group, and Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB, signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides. Mr. JIANG Deyi, Secretary of the CPC Committee and President of BAIC awarded the appointment letter of “Academician of BAIC Academician Expert Workstation” to Prof. MAO Xinping, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.



Mr. JIANG, in his welcoming remarks, emphasized that cooperation with Academician Mao Xinping from USTB and the establishment of the National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center offered opportunities to the two sides to promote cooperation in the fields of scientific research, implementation of research achievements, sharing of research resources and personnel training. Additionally, it would help establish a long-term cooperative relationship between the two sides.



USTB Chancellor WU Guilong thanked the BAIC Group for its on-going support. He spoke of the solid cooperation and deep friendship between the two parties, and expressed the vision that USTB would strengthen cooperation with industry-leading enterprises like BAIC, thus jointly contributing to making Beijing a sci-tech innovation center.



Prof. YANG continued by saying that USTB would leverage its resource advantages to advance the construction of the Academician Expert Workstation, to promote strategic cooperation in all aspects and integration of teaching, industry and research. Therefore, the two sides would establish a mutually beneficial partnership and jointly promote the integrated development of sci-tech and industry.



Mr. LIU mentioned in his speech that the Beijing Talents Bureau would further implement the Five-year Talent Action Plan and other related policies, and make every effort to serve the strategic sci-tech talents and their teams.



At the ceremony, the two sides also discussed the strategic development direction of university-enterprise cooperation and teaching-industry coordination in the new era. Academician MAO Xinping said that he would pool resources in research and talents to deal with key technical needs of BAIC, and strengthen the implementation of research achievements to build the BAIC Academician Expert Workstation as a booster for technological innovation in the BAIC Group and Beijing.