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USTB Sees Victory at 12th National "Challenge Cup" Entrepreneurship Competition


On December 9, the finals of the 12th "Challenge Cup" Chinese University Students Entrepreneurship Planning Competition was held at Northeast Forestry University. Teams from USTB won 1 gold medal, 3 silver medals and 3 bronze medals. The total number of awards ranked USTB 2nd among Beijing universities and 19th in China; USTB was also awarded the "Winner’s Cup".


Award ceremony


Among the award-winning USTB teams, "High-precision Aluminum - the Global Leader for New Infrastructure High-end Aluminum Alloy Cycle Regeneration Technology" won the gold medal. "Self-driven Interactive Electronic Skin for a New Generation of Human-machine Interaction", and "Weian Technology - Safety Management Early Warning System for Belt and Road Engineering", "VisEar Intelligent Blind Aid Device-Wearable Blind Aid Device Based on Sensory Substitution" each won silver medals. "Liquan Technology - A Solution for High-Fluorine Drinking Water in Poverty-stricken Areas around the World", "One Tree Charity Poverty Alleviation Project", "Internet Celebrity E-commerce Platform to Help Alleviate Poverty" won bronze medals in the competition.


The "High-precision Aluminum" entrepreneurial project was supervised by Professor ZHANG Shengen, Lecturer ZHANG Ying, and Associate Professor LIU Bo from the Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology, and PhD student WANG Jianwen. The project focuses on the huge demand for advanced aluminum alloys. It introduces the world's first "black technology" to recycle scrap aluminum into aluminum for aviation and high-speed railway, with product quality meeting standards in both China and the United States.


The entrepreneurial project "Self-driven Interactive Electronic Skin for a New Generation of Human-machine Interaction" was supervised by Professor LIAO Qingliang and Associate Professor ZHANG Zheng of the School of Material Science and Engineering, with undergraduate student YU Enuo joining as an assistant. The project proposes a new generation of human-machine interface system solutions based on electronic skin. The self-driving interactive electronic skin will improve the accuracy of human-computer interaction and further promote human-computer integration.


"VisEar Intelligent Blind Aid Device-Wearable Blind Aid Device Based on Sensory Substitution" was supervised by Associate Professor LIU Haoting and Associate Professor WU Chunhong from the the School of Automation and Electrical Engineering, Associate Professor LI Yingzi from the School of Economics and Management, and LI Yuke, an undergraduate student. The team designed a wearable aid device for the blind based on sensory substitution technology, using hearing instead of vision, cleverly using the volume, tone, pitch, and orientation of the sound to convey rich scene information such as expressions and colors to the blind in multiple dimensions, helping the blind break through tactile dependence.


The "Liquan Technology" entrepreneurial team is under the supervision of Associate Professor HUANG Kai, School of Metallurgical and Ecological engineering, and ZHANG Lulu, a 2020 graduate from School of Mechanical Engineering. It is committed to solving the problem of fluoride pollution of drinking water in impoverished areas; the “One Tree Charity Poverty Alleviation Project” entrepreneurial team is lead by Associate Professor WANG Weiqing, School of Economics and Management and DENG Zhangsheng of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, and YANG Guoqing, a 2020 graduate and a counselor of the Shunde Graduate School, was founded to help farmers in remote areas overcome poverty and earn enhance their earnings by building an e-commerce platform and scientific and technological achievements transformation platform. The "Internet Celebrity E-commerce Platform to Help Alleviate Poverty" entrepreneurial team is guided by Associate Professors DENG Zhangsheng and WANG Weiqing of the School of Economics and Management, and XIAO Xiangying, a 2020 graduate, was founded to help the sales of agricultural products in Guizhou province.