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USTB Successfully Passes 2020 National Post-doctoral

Overall Evaluation

Recently, the 2020 National Post-doctoral Overall Evaluation results were published. According to the report from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China and National Post-Doctoral Regulatory Commission, the research stations for post-doctorates from the School of Materials Science and Engineering and School of Metallurgical Engineering, USTB, were appraised as being excellent and were applauded by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and National Post-Doctor Regulatory Commission. Another 12 mobile stations for post-doctorates in Mining Engineering, Mechanics, Civil Engineering, Safety Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Chemistry, and Management Science and Engineering were also recognized as high-achieving disciplines. All participating research stations successfully passed the assessment with high marks, ranking them top national wide.


To improve the research stations and ensure the sound development of post-doctoral research, the National Post-doctoral Overall Evaluation is conducted every five years. It focuses on the assessment of post-doctorate enrollment, research results, development goals and other aspects.


According to its work plan, USTB will unfold the preparations for the overall evaluation of the research centers for post-doctoral research in February, which will be on-going for 3 months. During the preparation, USTB, together with the research centers, will use the evaluation as a measure for enhancing the quality of the post-doctorate system development through preparation, practical implementation, the careful input of data with safety checks, self-evaluation, data classification and on-going review.


In recent years, USTB has regarded post-doctoral reform as significant for the cultivation of young talents and improving professional teachers by leveraging the advantages of the post-doctoral institutions and highly focusing on the building of post-doctoral research stations. These efforts will create platforms for young talents to unleash their potential, comprehensively enhance the quality and efficiency of USTB post-doctorate teams, advance post-doctorates as the next generation of high-level professional teachers, be the main drivers of research teams and act as a vital force in technology transmission and application. A system for recruiting and developing young talents, with suitable a scale, rational structure, clear rights and obligations, efficiency and order, will be set up by the university.