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USTB Holds Conference on Graduate Education


On the afternoon of December 24, USTB held a conference on graduate education work in the Staff Hall. With the theme of “Deepening reform to pursue innovative development”, the conference aimed to implement the decisions of the national conference on graduate education, to further advance graduate education reform, and better undertake the fundamental task of cultivating virtue and morality. The event was presided over by Mr. WU Guilong, Chancellor of USTB, and attended by university leaders and teacher representatives. All graduate supervisors attended the meeting online.



In his speech on “Deepening reform to pursue innovative development and creating a new situation for graduate education in the new era”, Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB, first spoke of the progress in the reform and development of graduate education at USTB. Recent years had witnessed a steady expansion in the enrollment of graduate students, better performance in the discipline and training structures, developments in ideological and political education, the adopting of distinctive features in the integration of industry and education, and improvements in the team building of supervisors as well as related support networks. This demonstrated USTB’s advancements and adherence to national initiatives.



He continued by saying that it had been an arduous journey to build a high-quality training system for graduate education. Those at USTB must pay special attention to the international and domestic situation and seize every opportunity and rise to challenges at the forefront of sci-tech research and key fields, as well as double efforts to build a first-class graduate education system with Chinese characteristics and USTB features. The university plans to undertake three infrastructure projects, including the team building of supervisors, platform and discipline building, and quality student recruitment construction. Finally, USTB must identify problems, open its mind, and work out measures for reform and strengthen collaboration in graduate education. Prof. YANG encouraged all teachers to look forward to the future and strive to improve graduate education in the new era.



Prof. XUE Qingguo, Vice Chancellor and Vice President of USTB, gave a detailed review of several documents on graduate education. He said that in the next few years, USTB would focus on the “nine tasks and four systems” so as to achieve the goal of “cultivating high-level talents with both ability and virtues, and creating a world-class graduate education system with USTB characteristics”.



In the concluding speech, Mr. WU Guilong urged all to adhere to the CPC’s directions and fully implement the decisions of the conference. They should also seize new opportunities and plans should be made as early as possible. More efforts should be made to establish long-term mechanisms for improving graduate education. Teachers and administrators should grasp the key points and strengthen the team building of supervisors. Finally, cooperation and collaboration should be strengthened in all works, especially in the face of difficulties and problems. USTB should not only strengthen its confidence and determination, but also rise to occasion to confront problems, and make every effort to build a world-class graduate education system of USTB.