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Four USTB Teachers Receive "Master Teacher Award and Young Master  Teacher Award of Beijing Colleges and Universities”


On December 25, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission announced the winners of the 16th “Master Teacher Award” and the 4th “Young Master Teacher Award of Beijing Colleges and Universities". Four teachers from USTB were received the awards, with Prof. WEI Jun from the School of Economics and Management and Prof. LI Qing from the School of Automation and Electrical Engineering winning the “Master Teacher Award”, while Prof. ZHENG Lifang from the School of Mechanical Engineering and Prof. LIU Baiyu from the School of Mathematics and Physics were awarded the “Young Master Teacher Award of Beijing Colleges and Universities".


The purpose of the “Master Teacher Award” and the “Young Master Teacher Award” is to implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and the Beijing Education Conference, deepen education and teaching reform, promote the development of higher education, and commend and reward full-time teachers who have been undertaking undergraduate teaching tasks for a long time, showing good teaching effect, and having earned high evaluations from students and recognition by peer experts.


USTB takes the selection and commendation of the awards as an opportunity to actively promote teachers to be recognized for the awards, mobilize and enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of the teachers to participate in teaching and devote themselves to education, continuously improve the ability of individual teachers and their teams in order to cultivate talents, and continuously improve the level of education and teaching and the quality of talent training in USTB.