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USTB Holds Forum on 2020 High Level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

On the afternoon of December 23rd, the “Forum on the Work of the 2020 High Level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of USTB” was held in the Administration Building. Prof. XUE Qingguo, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Vice President of USTB, attended the meeting. Directors of the Department of Student Affairs, Communist Youth League Committee, Department of the Registrar, Graduate School, Department of Admissions & Career Services, Natural Science Experimental Center, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center and relevant schools, teacher representatives and students of the award-winning team attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Ms. WANG Li, Secretary of the Youth League Committee.




Mr. SU Heng, a member of the Youth Innovation & Entrepreneurship Service Center of the Communist Youth League Committee gave a report on the organization of the 2020 high-level innovation and entrepreneurship competition following five aspects: project exploration, competition incentives, in-depth guidance, project promotion and competition organization. Mr. YANG Shengyao, an "Internet Plus" gold medal winner, graduate of the School of Materials Science and Engineering and head of the gold medal project of the Challenge Cup, Mr. WANG Jianwen, a PhD. student from the Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology and an "Internet plus" national silver medal winner, Mr. YANG Guoqing, director of the "Internet Plus" competition, graduate of the School of Economics and Management, and counselor of Shunde Graduate School and Mr. XIANG Chegnfeng, undergraduate student of the School of Automation and Electrical Engineering presented on their experience in the competition, sharing promotional effects of the competition on learning, scientific research and entrepreneurship.



Prof. XUE Qingguo presented the trophies to the award winners of the 21st “Cradle Cup” undergraduate innovation and entrepreneurship competition of USTB at the meeting. Among them, the School of Economics and Management won the “Cradle Cup” and the School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Materials Science and Engineering, and School of Automation and Electrical Engineering won the “Winner's Cup”.