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USTB Promotes Annual Top Ten Academic Advances of 2019

Recently, according to the requirements of the "Annual Significant Academic Progress Selection Method of USTB (Trial)”, the Office of the Academic Committee together with the Institute of Science and Technology, organized the selection of “2019 Significant Academic Advances”. The selection follows the implementation of the “Four Orientations” and focuses on the contribution of academic achievements to economic and social developments. 24 candidate projects were received from the academic subcommittees of USTB’s schools and departments. According to the principle of “creating an academic atmosphere, stimulating academic enthusiasm, encouraging extensive participation and cultivating significant achievements”, 10 research results were selected as the “Top Ten Academic Advances of USTB 2019” after evaluation by external experts and review by members of the Academic Committee. The selected research results cover both research projects in traditional advantageous disciplines such as mining, metallurgy, materials, and machinery, as well as emerging disciplines such as artificial intelligence, environmental protection, and biology.


USTB holds the “Top Ten Academic Advances” with an aim to strengthen the dissemination of the university’s major academic research progress, stimulate academic enthusiasm and the innovation ability of teachers, enhance the understanding, care and support of academic research work of all students and faculty members, create an active academic atmosphere on campus, form an academic culture of excellence, promote academic exchanges and discipline crossover, and help the university’s “double first-class” construction.