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USTB Teams Win Medals at the ICGA Computer Olympiad 2020


At the recently held ICGA Computer Olympiad 2020, five teams from the School of Advanced Engineering and School of Computer and Communication Engineering collectively won one Gold Medal, one Silver Medal, and one Bronze Medal, ranking USTB first for number of winning teams. Computer games also machine games, represent a challenging and important research field for artificial intelligence with a long history. The Computer Olympiad 2020, hosted by the International Computer Games Association, represents the most influential contest in the field of international computer games, attracting many universities and research institutes to compete.


The Computer Olympiad 2020 was held online this year due to the COVID19 pandemic, but students from USTB still showed great innovative ability. The competition also provided an opportunity for USTB students to communicate with scholars in artificial intelligence and display their passion for research in relevant fields.