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Premier Li Keqiang Meets Prof. Alberto Conejo at the Spring Festival Symposium for Foreign Experts

With Spring Festival approaching, Premier Li Keqiang held a symposium with representatives of foreign experts working in China at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Feb 2, reported Xinhua news agency, Beijing. USTB Foreign Expert Prof. Alberto Conejo attended the symposium on behalf of USTB and was received by Premier Li Keqiang.

Premier Li extended festival greetings and best wishes to foreign experts in China and foreign friends who support China's modernization drive across the board. Since reform and opening-up, groups of foreign experts have come and worked in China with their intelligence and strengths. Chinese people are grateful to them for their contributions to China's modernization drive. Soliciting foreign experts' suggestions on China's government work is conducive to scientific and democratic policy-making. And it is in concert with both domestic and international development trends, the Premier said.

Experts from the United States, Italy, Singapore, Nepal, the United Kingdom, and France shared their views and suggestions on China's economy and finance, basic scientific research, COVID-19 prevention and control, education, innovation in science and technologies, environmental protection, and more.

Prof. Alberto N. Conejo, an internationally renowned expert on metallurgical engineering, has been engaged in theoretical research on thermodynamics and kinetics of gas-solid reactions in the production of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI), additionally, research on the kinetics of ladle refining and physical simulation of bottom gas injection in metallurgical reactors. In particular, he made outstanding achievements in the study of slag foaming in the EAF. He now works as a full professor at the School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering, USTB.



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