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USTB-DMU Confucius Institute Delivered a Lecture on Internal Martial Arts


On February 10, at the invitation of USTB-DMU Confucius Institute (CI), Yun Choi Yeung, fellow of Institute Martial Arts and Sciences and referee of World Pangration Athlima Federation, delivered an online lecture entitled “The Sciences of Taijiquan”, which attracted more than 80 audience.


1-Dr Kate Gerrard opens the event


Dr. Kate Gerrard, Local Executive Director of the CI, delivered an opening speech extending a warm welcome to the speaker and the audience.


2-Mr Yun Choi Yeung starts 'The Sciences of Taijiquan' lecture


Mr. Yeung elaborated on the mechanism and operating principle of Internal Martial Arts in terms of definition, origin, history, archaeological evidence, meridians theory, etc. He compared the similarities and differences between Internal Martial Arts and other sports, and discussed its advantages and disadvantages. He believes that Taijiquan is a fitness exercise that combines the traditional philosophy of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements. It has been widely accepted that its routines and movements have scientific basis and are closely connected with the principles of bionics and mechanics. Practicing Taijiquan will keep people in good shape and improve immunity.


3-Two different Five-Element Concepts at the back of Taijiquan


"Dao gave birth to one, one gave birth to two, two gave birth to three, and the trinity gave birth to all things." This Daoist quotation aroused great interest among the audience. Yeung compared Laozi’s cosmogony with the Christian creation story, which stimulated many questions from the audience. In the Q&A session, the audience asked further questions such as the relationship between Tai Chi movements and Yin and Yang, and how to breathe when practicing Tai Chi, to which Mr. Yang responded respectively.


4-Audience's warm responses to the speaker


Many who turned out today have been regulars at the CI’s Saturday morning Tai Chi sessions in downtown Leicester. Mr. Yeung’s lecture has not only given them a better understanding of Taijiquan from a scientific point of view, but also convinced them that keeping practicing Tai Chi will improve their physical and mental health, help to battle obesity and become better armed against the pandemic.


Dr. Yingjun Yang, Chinese Director of the CI, delivered a closing speech, thanking Mr. Yeung for his support, and wishing everybody a happy and healthy Chinese New Year!