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USTB-DMU Confucius Institute Delivers a Mini-Concert

for the Year of the Ox


On 19 February 2021, at the invitation of USTB-DMU Confucius Institute (CI) Euphoria China Arts delivered an online Chinese New Year Mini-concert featuring Chinese traditional instruments. It enjoyed a turnout of more than 100.


1-Confucius Institute delivers a Chinese New Year mini-concert

Simon Bradbury, Pro Vice Chancellor of De Montfort University, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Design & Humanities, and the Local Director of the CI, gave the opening speech to welcome everyone and hoped that the concert will bring joy and peace to the audience during the national lockdown.


2-Simon Bradbury, PVC of De Montfort University, giving an opening speech

The musicians played Pipa, Guzheng and Bamboo flutes. Classic songs such as “Fisherman’s Song”, “Liuyang River” and “Jasmine Flower” intrigued the audience greatly.


3-The playlist

The beautiful Pipa tunes such as “The Yi Dance”, “Send Me a Rose”, “The Sound of Pipa”, etc. are so intoxicating that they are reminiscent of Bai Juyi’s Song of the Lute Player:“The higher notes wail like pelting rain, The lower notes whisper like soft confidences; Wailing and whispering interweave Like pearls large and small cascading on a plate of jade.”


4-The Pipa player playing 'The Sound of Pipa'

“Fisherman’s Song” performed with a bamboo flute got the audience so engaged that they felt as if they were floating on the blue waves against the setting sun, with the fishermen at ease, and the fishing boats drifting away. It was enchanting to the audience, especially those who had never heard a Chinese bamboo flute. With varying pitch and pace, the melody is clear and cheerful, like gurgling water. The concert ended with another bamboo flute melody “A Woman’s Devotion”, which had a lingering effect upon the audience.


5-The Chinese flute player's engaging performance

During the Q&A, questions were raised about the differences between Chinese and Western musical instruments and the way Pipa is played, etc. Zhan Xuan, one of the players, answered them respectively. Many viewers expressed their thanks to the CI for such a unique cultural experience with responses like “Absolutely fantastic performances!” and “Thank you very much for this great concert with brilliant musicians!”.


6-Interaction between players and audience

Dr. Yang Yingjun, the Chinese Director of the CI, concluded the event, thanking Euphoria China Arts for their fabulous performance and the audience for their participation in the CI’s Spring Festival celebrations. He wished everyone a happy and healthy Chinese New Year!