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USTB Added 10 National First-Class Undergraduate Majors, Reaching the Amount of 23


Recently, the Ministry of Education has issued the “Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Announcement of the List of National and Provincial First-class Undergraduate Professional Construction Sites in 2020”, which officially announced the list of construction sites of the first-class undergraduate professional construction project “Double Ten Thousand Plan” in 2020. 10 majors recommended by USTB, including international economics and trade, social work, English, Mathematics and applied mathematics, applied physics, material processing and control engineering, industrial design, nano material and technology, civil engineering and business administration have been approved as the annual national first-class undergraduate professional construction sites in 2020.



The Ministry of Education implemented the “Double Ten Thousand Plan” for the construction of first-class undergraduate majors in April 2019. It plans to build nearly 10,000 national-level first -class undergraduate majors and 10,000 provincial-level first-class undergraduate majors from 2019 to 2021, aiming to comprehensively revitalize undergraduate education, improve the talent training ability of colleges and universities and realize the connotative development of higher education. This is a significant progress in undergraduate major construction after 13 undergraduate majors of USTB were recognized as national-level first-class majors in 2019. So far, USTB has 23 national-level first-class undergraduate majors.



In recent years, USTB has adhered to the principle of “people-oriented” and has promoted “four regressions”, comprehensively improved talent training abilities, formulated and implemented the “Action Plan for Building a First-Class Undergraduate Education by USTB” to strengthen and upgrade professional major constructions in terms of structure, professional connotation and promotion of first-class professional construction.