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Mr. HAN Guoqiang, Secretary of Qian'an Municipal Party Committee of Hebei Province Leads delegation to USTB to Discuss the Cooperation


 Mr. HAN Guoqiang, Secretary of Qian'an Municipal Party Committee, led Mr. LIAN Bo, Director of Municipal Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Mr. GUO Xiaofeng, Director of Municipal High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, Mr. MA Xinguang, Director of Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, Mr. HAO Aidong, Director of Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Mr. ZHU Guangjiu, Director of Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning, to USTB to discuss the industrial, academic and research cooperation between the two sides. Prof. XUE Qingguo, Vice Chancellor and Vice President of USTB, Mr. WANG Huizhong, General Manager of the Science and Technology Industry Group of USTB, Prof. XING Yi, Dean of School of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Mr. LIU Yusong, President of Beijing Dingxin Steel Union Technology Collaborative Innovation Research Institute and Chairman of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Iron and Steel Union (Qian'an) Collaborative Innovation Research Institute, participated in the meeting.



Mr. HAN Guoqiang introduced the basic situation of the overall economic and social development of Qian'an City, the current development of the iron and steel industry and the development goal of "Green Prosperity Led by Science and Technology" in the next step, and hoped to solve the technical problems in the production of iron and steel enterprises in Qian'an City, such problems as the pollution problems of solid wastes, which including steel slag, desulfurization slag, metallurgical dust and mud, with the help of the technology and talent advantages of USTB so as to better serve the needs of Qian'an city and provide technical support for the transformation and upgrading of the company.



Prof. XUE Qingguo claimed that USTB and Qian'an City have a far-reaching cooperation foundation, with favorable cooperation and deep friendship in many aspects and are willing to work together with Qian'an City Government to plan and contribute to the transformation and development of Qian'an. USTB will actively participate in the comprehensive utilization project of bulk solid waste in Qian'an to solve its problems of solid waste pollution.



During the meeting, both sides had an in-depth communication and outlook on the joint construction of the graduate school project of USTB (Qian'an) and achieved a preliminary construction intention.