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USTB Held 12th Youth Teachers’ Teaching Competence Competition



The 12th USTB Youth Teachers’ Teaching Competence Competition had been successful held recently. It was initiated by Labor Union, USTB and organized by the Department of the Register, Faculty Development Section, Department of Asset Assessment, Department of Human Resources, Department of Public Affairs & Communications, Department of Faculty Affairs, and schools of USTB. Seventy excellent teachers selected and recommended by seventeen institutions participated in the final. The judges’ panel consisted of USTB Undergraduate Teaching Supervision Experts, teachers who won First Prize in the National Youth Teacher Teaching Competence Competition, leaders who organized the teaching of undergraduates and experiments, and Bei Jing Teaching Celebrities of Higher Education and student judges.



Participants are divided into four groups: science, engineering, art, and experiment teaching. An extra appraisal of ten-minutes teaching videos for experiment teaching was added. All the teaching was performed on the spot. Competitors made careful preparation, presented creative teaching contents as well as vivid and fluent illustration, and applied modern multimedia teaching methods. Attention was also paid to instructive strategies and interactions, which were significant and straightforward. Among other things, the videos, teaching purposes, constituents, forms and approaches of the teaching plan and teaching contents, arrangements and effect in the performance, and interactions with students were  covered in the assessment. Finally, eleven participants won the First Prize, twenty-two teachers got the Second Prize, twenty-three teachers got the Third Prize and nineteen teachers obtained Excellence Award. Moreover, forty-one teachers were awarded specific prizes, including Best Teaching Plan, Best Class Presentation, Most Popular Award, and Best Experiment Teaching Video Award.