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The Fifth Lecture of Academician Xu Gu as a Guest on the Practical Forum

 Upon the invitation of the Institute for Multidisciplinary Innovation, Academician Xu Gu, Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, gave a lecture titled Science and Technology Innovation: Criterion of Scientific Issues and Scientific Research Papers Formula on the Practical Forum at the Jianlong Lecture Hall. The lecture was presided over by Prof. Wang Rongming, Associate Dean of the Institute for Multidisciplinary Innovation. More than 70 teachers and students from the Institute for Multidisciplinary Innovation, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Mathematics and Physics, National Center for Materials Service Safety and other departments attended the lecture.



Before the lecture, Prof. Yang Renshu, President of USTB, held a meeting with Academician Xu Gu. On behalf of the school Party Committee, the president extended a warm welcome to Academician Xu’ s visit and introduced the school’s main work in recent years and the situation of the Practical forum held by Institute for Multidisciplinary Innovation. In-depth exchanges were also conducted on such topics as personnel training, scientific research, and discipline construction.



In the lecture, Academician Xu started from the essence of scientific research, expounded on all aspects of scientific research and innovation, especially on how to find the differences between scientific questions and engineering questions. First of all, he put forward the three criteria of highly operational scientific questions, the necessity of reading the literature and repeating previous work, and the related fragmentation of knowledge. Then, he reiterated the four basic principles of scientific research and innovation and some observations and conclusions related to them. Finally, as a summary of the entire scientific research process and also the last hurdle of scientific research innovation, he gave a set of rules, templates and some specific examples for writing scientific research papers.



In the Q&A session, Academician Xu actively chatted with the teachers and students, and gave detailed answers to the questions raised by teachers and students on the spot, winning warm applause from the audience.