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USTB Organizes Teachers and Students to Have Vaccinations Against COVID-19


USTB organized the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine for students and the second dose for staff according to the policy of the university on March 25th, 26th, and 28th, nearly 21,000 teachers and students were vaccinated in these three days. At the same time, USTB is the first university to carry out vaccination for overseas students.



Before organizing the vaccination work, USTB held two conferences on the vaccination of COVID-19. Mr. Wu Guilong and Prof. Wang Weicai mobilized and clarified work tasks and target requirements. USTB set up a specialized class for vaccination work right the first time. The main leaders of the Party take the lead in vaccination and play important roles in the vaccination work. They make sure the work of vaccination going smoothly and insist that “ getting the vaccine as soon as possible.”



At present, USTB has mainly completed two doses of vaccinations for staff and the first dose for students, which has initially reached the expected goals of vaccination. The next step is to further mobilize and organize vaccination work and help students, teachers and staff strengthen immunity and prevent them from infecting COVID-19.