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Group from CCIPE Visited USTB for Guidance and Exploration

Ms.TANG Yun, Director of CCIPE visited the USTB for exchanges and investigations and participated in the project update meeting of the Institute for International People-to-People Exchange in Mining, Metallurgy and Metals Industries,USTB. Prof. WU Aixiang, Vice President of USTB, Prof. FENG Qiang, Director of Office of International Affairs,USTB, Prof. CHEN Hongwei, Executive Vice President of the Institute, and relevant heads of relevant functional departments and research institutes attended the meeting.



Prof. CHEN Hongwei reported on the recent work and the 2021 work plan. She delivered a detailed report on the establishment of the institute’s system and mechanism construction, the institute’s three-level operation model, team construction, research platform construction, institute culture construction, and 2021 work plan. Director FENG introduced the candidates for the Institute’s board of directors and related information. The meeting discussed and approved the institute’s charter and the candidates for the institute’s board of directors and conducted in-depth exchanges on the institute’s overall planning and working mechanism and clarified the institute’s next work focus.



Ms. TANG Yun, on behalf of Mr. Yang Xiaochun, the Associate Chair of CCIPE,  highly affirmed the work of the Institute and put forward specific guidance on the work of the Institute. They pointed out that in the first year of the establishment of the Institute, it is necessary to focus on team building, and the construction of the system and mechanism, and accelerate the construction of the “four points and eight pillars” of the Institute, focusing on the characteristics of the mining and steel industry and the needs of enterprise development, to create a collection of academic research and decision-making. A new platform integrating consulting, technical services, personnel training, humanities exchanges, and cultural inheritance promotes the tripartite exchanges and cooperation between the government, universities, and enterprises, and provides strong support for Chinese mining and steel companies to realize globalization.



Finally, Prof. WU Aixiang said in his concluding speech that the school attaches great importance to the construction and development of the research institute and will give full play to the advantages of multidisciplinary and multi-departmental synergy in the future relying on the school’s mining and steel disciplines to make the research institute unique and effective. And USTB is striking out to achieve the combination of “Fame” and “Practice” and fulfilling the mission of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.



After the meeting, attendees of the meeting visited State Key Laboratory for Advanced Metals and Materials, Institute of Engineering technology, Laboratory of School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering.