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USTB Non-Chinese Citizen Teachers Receiving First COVID-19 Vaccinations

Beijing has recently begun providing COVID-19 vaccinations to non-Chinese citizens. The Office of International Affairs of USTB, arranged for fifteen international teachers from Germany, Canada, Japan and Pakistan to visit a temporary vaccination site in Haidian District and receive their first shots.


Pandemic prevention and risk management during this period has been taken as an essential part of the regulation of international teachers. To ensure the immunization program progressed smoothly, the Office of International Affairs of USTB conducted polls on international teachers’ willingness to be vaccinated, recorded the results and relayed relevant news about vaccination with them consistently. Based on a thorough understanding of the vaccine, all of the international teachers in USTB were eager to be registered and receive the first dose.



Fifteen international teachers accompanied by staff from the Office of International Affairs of USTB went to the Zhongguancun Exhibition Center, completed the vaccination and came back to the campus after a period of medical observation. They expressed their confidence of the Chinese pandemic prevention measures and the vaccine and held a positive attitude towards getting the second shot in Haidian District.