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USTB Makes Great Progress in the Field of Industrial Internet Standardization

        Combined with the key research and development direction of the National 14th Five-Year Plan, USTB established the Research Institute of Industrial Internet (Affiliated with the School of Automation and Electrical Engineering ) in early 2021 led by Prof. Wang Jianquan’s team. Relying on the advantages of multiple subjects, including metallurgy, materials, mining and vehicle, etc,. The Research Institute of Industrial Internet will focus on promoting the integration and innovation of industrial vertical fields and advanced information and communication technologies, developing new interdisciplinary subjects, and supporting the development of the industrial Internet.


        During the ITU(International Telecommunication Union)- T SG13 Plenary Session held in March 2021, USTB, together with China Unicom and Zhejiang Lab established the International Standard for Deterministic Networks: Y. det-qos-fr-reqts: Frameworks and QoS requirements to support the inter-domain deterministic communication services in local area network for IMT-2020. Associate Prof. Sun Lei, a member of the Industrial Internet Team of USTB served as the Co-editor.


        At the meeting of Industrial Internet AD Hoc Working Group (ST8) of China Communications Standards Association(CCSA), which was held in April 2021, with the help of two associate professors, Sun Lei and Ma Zhangchao, USTB successfully established the project of “Information for Steel Manufacturing” as the primary university to lead the study.


A.P. Ma Zhangchao


A.P. Sun Lei


        The series of domestic and international results will effectively promote the technical exchanges between USTB and domestic and foreign counterparts, and enhance the right of USTB to speak in the international and domestic standardization fields.