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A delegation from USTB attended a research and exchange seminar at Sinosteel


A delegation from the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) went to Sinosteel Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Sinosteel") for a research and exchange seminar. Mr. WANG Jian, Director of Sinosteel,  Mr. WANG Qi, Director of Quality and Technology Department, Mr. YAN Yongjun, Deputy Director of Low Carbon Metallurgy and Energy Engineering Department, Mr. LI Mi, Deputy Director of General Management Department and Mr. FANG Zhenzheng, Chief Engineer of Steel Rolling Department were in attendance at this seminar. Prof. FENG Qiang, Director of Office of International Affairs of USTB, Ms. HE Jin, Head of Office of the Alumni Association and Office of the USTB Education Foundation, Prof. CHEN Hongwei, Dean of School of Foreign Studies and Executive Associate Dean of Institute for International People-to-People Exchange in Mining, Metallurgy and Metals Industries, participated in the discussion and exchange.



Prof. FENG Qiang expressed that over the past 69 years since the establishment of the school, USTB has always taken the responsibility of solving significant needs of the country and leading the technological progress of the industry, especially in the fields of mining, metallurgy and materials, which has cultivated a large number of individuals who has contributed significantly to our country. We hope to carry out close communication, strengthen practical cooperation with Sinosteel, play the vital function of the USTB’s knowledge and technological innovation base, and jointly implement the mission of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries in the industrial field.

Prof. CHEN Hongwei introduced the relevant situation regarding the Institute for International People-to-People Exchange in Mining, Metallurgy and Metals Industries. She mentioned that the Institute helps to play the fundamental role of humanities exchange in economic and trade cooperation. In the future, the Institute will be focusing on the characteristics of the mining and steel industry and the development needs of enterprises, the Institute is committed to building a new platform integrating academic research, decision-making consultation, technical services, personnel training, humanities exchange, and cultural heritage, while at the same time providing strong support for Chinese mining and steel enterprises to progress towards “globalization”. We hope that we can learn and exchange ideas with Sinosteel with the objective of searching for good cooperation opportunities together.

Ms. HE Jin introduced the progress that the Alumni Association, USTB, has made in recent years. She mentioned that USTB has permanently placed great importance on alumni work. In recent years, with the increasing demand for professional training of overseas talents, USTB is taking the spirit of General Secretary XI Jinping's important response letter as its guide to promote the construction of "double first-class" and actively build the network of overseas alumni associations. Mr. WANG Jian explained the necessity and importance of "Carbon Summit, Carbon Neutral" from the world on a macro perspective and cross-cultural economic and trade exchanges. He said that the management of Sinosteel has a rich "USTB gene" and a deep affection for USTB. During the discussion, participants from both sides conducted detailed discussions on international industrial development, scientific research cooperation and technology transformation, overseas talent training and think tank construction.



After the meeting, relevant members in charge of Sinosteel took a group photo with the USTB delegation.



Prof. WANG Chengyan, Vice Dean of the School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering and Vice President of  Institute for International People-to-People Exchange in Mining, Metallurgy and Metals Industries, and Prof. LI Jingyuan, Vice President of School of Materials Science and Engineering and Vice President of Institute for International People-to-People Exchange in Mining, Metallurgy and Metals Industries, accompanied the delegation to the research and exchange seminar.