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Agreement Signed Between University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) and HBIS Group Co., Ltd on International Education Cooperation


The signing ceremony of international education cooperation agreement between University of Science and Technology Beijing and HBIS Group Co., Ltd was held at HBIS International Trading Company in Beijing. Mr. YU Yong Chairman of HBIS, Mr. WU Guilong, Chancellor of USTB, and Prof. YANG  Renshu, President of the university attended the event and delivered speeches. Mr. LI Bingjun, Director of HBIS, Mr. LI Yiren, Deputy General Manager, and Mr. HE Minqing, Vice President of the university also attended the event. 



During Mr. YU Yong’s speech, he expressed immense gratitude towards USTB for the great support it has provided for the development of HBIS. He expressed the desire that University of Science and Technology Beijing will continue to provide strong support to staff training and talent cultivation at HBIS. Mr. YU Yong also outlined the vision of bilateral cooperation in terms of the construction of the World Iron and Steel Development Institute, the expansion of scientific research cooperation fields in carbon emission reduction and carbon neutrality, and the transformation of technological innovation achievements. 



Firstly, Mr. WU Guilong thanked HBIS for its continuous support towards the development of USTB. He expressed the hope that the two parties would cooperate closely in the field of international education and share social responsibilities together, focus on the characteristics of the industry, increase the efforts of education in China based on the HBIS's needs for international talents, carry out pragmatic and sustainable cooperation, so as to achieve a win-win situation.  



Prof. YANG Renshu mentioned in his speech that the signing of the agreement on international education cooperation with HBIS is a concrete action taken by both sides to implement the spirit of General Secretary XI Jinping's important response letter. Prof. YANG Renshu proposed specific measures for the close cooperation between the university and HBIS from several aspects, such as technical backbone training, high-level personnel training, carbon reduction measures and the construction of the World Iron and Steel Development Research Institute.



At the ceremony, Mr. LI Yiren and Prof. YANG Renshu signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides. According to the agreement, two sides will deepen cooperation in international talent cultivation, staff training and development of international education resources on the basis of good cooperation in the early stage, and jointly create a new model of school-enterprise cooperation.