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President YANG Renshu and his fellow visited Baosteel Co., Ltd.

 USTB President Prof. YANG Renshu,and Director of the Collaborative Innovation Center of Steel Technology and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Prof. MAO Xinping went to Baosteel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Baosteel") for a visit and exchange symposium to further promote the "Baosteel-USTB Advanced Metal Materials Joint Research Institute" ( Hereinafter referred to as "Joint Research Institute"). Baosteel Chairman ZOU Jixin, Assistant General Manager and Dean of Academia Sinica WU Jun, etc. welcomed President YANG Renshu and his fellow at the reception.



At the symposium, ZOU Jixin, on behalf of Baosteel, extended a warm welcome to President YANG Renshu and his fellow, and fully affirmed the achievements of the Joint Research Institute since its establishment one year ago. He hoped that under the pretense of decreasing carbon emissions eventually reaching a neaural level, the two sides can closely focus on low-carbon metallurgical technology, short-flow production technology, green intelligent manufacturing and other fields to carry out joint research and technology application cooperation, and pay full attention to the strength of the system to further strengthen strategic cooperation.



President YANG Renshu expressed his gratitude to Baosteel for its support and help to USTB over the years. He hoped that the two sides can make full use of the important platform of the Joint Research Institute, further innovate its system, continue to produce innovative vitality of scientific researchers, and focus on key core technologies so that they can provide in-depth services for the country's major strategic needs and promote the high-quality development of the industry.



Prof. MAO Xinping put forward suggestions on the construction of the joint research institute in terms of deepening exchanges and coordination, shortening the project approval process, enhancing mutual visits of high level directors, and strengthening work efficiency and productivity. LIU Xuefeng, dean of the School of Science and Technology Research Institute, reported on the recent cooperation projects on behalf of the Joint Research Institute.



After the symposium, both parties conducted academic exchanges on many topics such as “typical high-quality strip steel development and quality improvement technology”, “scrap preheating technology development and Baosteel’s selection”, “model-driven steelmaking-continuous casting process collaborative manufacturing” etc.