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President YANG Renshu Leads Research Visit to Rizhao, Shandong Province

Prof. YANG Renshu, President of USTB and Prof. HE Minqing, Vice President of USTB went to Rizhao, Shandong Province for a research visit to strengthen the integration of industry and education and promote collaborative innovation.



The delegation led by President YANG Renshu visited Rizhao Steel Holding Group. Mr. GAO Yuebo, Vice Mayor of Rizhao, Mr. LIU Hanying, Director of Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Rizhao, Mr. XUE Jian, President of Rizhao Steel, and Mr. WANG Lifei, Vice President of Rizhao Steel, accompanied the delegation and visited key projects such as physical, digital sand table and rolled strip line-ESP line. A Meeting of exchange and discussion was held on aspects of industry-university research cooperation, talent cultivation, low-carbon technology application, etc.



President YANG Renshu recognized Rizhao Steel’s leaping development in recent years as well as the company’s outstanding contributions to the local economy and expressed his gratitude to Rizhao Steel for its continuous support for the USTB’s development over the years. President YANG hoped to further strengthen the cooperation on aspects of talent cultivation, technological innovation and achievement transformation, relentlessly enhance the level and connotation of cooperation and make greater contributions to build an innovative country and promote the high-quality development of the industry.



 After the visit to Rizhao Steel, President YANG and his delegation met with Mr. ZHANG Hui, Municipal Party Secretary of Rizhao, Mr. LI Zaiwu, Mayor of Rizhao, and Mr. GAO Yuebo, Deputy Mayor of Rizhao. The two parties had in-depth exchanges on aspects of economic development, scientific and technological innovation, government-industry-university cooperation, and talent cultivation. In-depth discussion was also held on issues such as promoting the close integration of the USTB’s advantages in teaching and research with Rizhao’s advantageous industries like steel, automobiles and  parts. To build a pragmatic and efficient industry-university cooperation mechanism, continue to deepen university-local, university-enterprise cooperation, in order to acheieve developing goals of complementary advantages and mutual benefits, serving high-quality local development.