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Office of International Affairs visited China Association for Science and Technology for Report and Exchange

Prof. FENG Qiang, Director of Office of International Affairs, USTB led the delegation to visit the Department of International Affair, China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) for report and exchange.



Mr. WANG Qinglin, the Deputy Director of the Department of International Affairs, CAST, welcomed the delegation on behalf of CAST, and made a brief introduction to the historical evolution and organizational structure of CAST. The Deputy Director himself introduced the important role that the Department of International Affairs played in the process of implementation of international exchange and cooperation programs of CAST in detail.

Prof. FENG Qiang introduced the basic information and the recent progress of international cooperation of USTB. He mentioned that the university has always been committed to solving the nation’ major needs and lead the technological progress of the industry as its responsibility, carry out joint research with leading enterprises in the industry to solve the “bottleneck” problems that restricts the development of relevant industries in China. In the future, the university will continue to focus on interdisciplinary research and carry out international cooperation. Expecting to further strengthen cooperation with CAST and jointly promote international exchange in science, technology, education and cultural exchanges during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period.

Prof. MIAO Shengjun recognized USTB as the first higher education institution which specialized in iron and steel industry in China. The university has always resonates and walks in the same direction with the nation and has cultivated a large number of “steel lads and iron ladies”. The university will continue to focus on cultivating leading talents in the fields of science and technology.



In the end, the participants had warm discussion and exchange. They discussed in-depth about the guiding opinions of CAST on the development of international scientific research cooperation among universities, the selection and evaluation criteria of the Belt and Road Initiative cooperation platform for international scientific and technological organizations, and the emphasis of the “Bilateral Exchange and Cooperation” of CAST. This seminar is conducive for summarize and exchange of international cooperation experiences on science and technology of USTB; to study and to explore ideas and methods of strengthening the communication and cooperation between USTB and CAST in the new era; and further expand the depth and breadth of cooperation and exchanges between the two parties during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period.