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The Story between Foreign Teachers and USTB

——Juan M. Cano Sanchiz

Ahead of the centenary of the founding of the CPC, the Office of International Affairs launched a series of interviews on "Stories between Foreign Teachers and USTB", to promote cultural exchanges and deepen their understanding of the development of Chinese society.


Juan M. Cano Sanchiz, coming from Spain, is interested in archaeology of the Contemporary Age, and his speciality is the archaeology and heritage of industrialization. He obtained a Doctoral degree in Archaeology by the Universities of Córdoba, ect. and continued his career as a post-doctoral fellow at the São Paulo State University (UNESP) in Brazil. He is currently working as an Associate Professor of Industrial Archaeology at the Institute for Cultural Heritage and History of Science & Technology, University of Science and Technology Beijing (China). By teaching a China’s first new master course on Industrial Archaeology, he has contributed to developing industrial archaeology as a new line of work that dialogues with the broader fields of industrial heritage studies and the history of technology.




“Beijing is a city full of new things and opportunities, with fantastic research infrastructure and resources, a strong research atmosphere, and a smart and friendly community that makes me feel in peace and safe at home. As China’s academic community are producing results as an astonishing rhythm, new topics and research fields are growing fast and becoming models to be followed at the international level. ”




“I am glad to be a part of USTB where it is a great place to work and live. As an industrial archaeologist, I feel that it is my duty to contribute by making the industrial past relevant to the present society. I believe that the archaeology of the industrial period can also have a role in our way towards a greener and better-balanced (harmonious) civilization. I am grateful to be here in USTB, China because it does not only offer me a good place to live, but also a beautiful opportunity to put my work at the service of the construction of a better world.”