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The Story between Foreign Teachers and USTB

——Alberto Conejo

Ahead of the centenary of the founding of the CPC, the Office of International Affairs launched a series of interviews on "Stories between Foreign Teachers and USTB", to promote cultural exchanges and deepen their understanding of the development of Chinese society.


Alberto Conejo, born in Mexico, worked for about 5 years in different metallurgical companies. At the end of 2018, Alberto Conejo came to the University of Science and Technology Beijing with passion and dream to continue his scientific work on the electric arc furnace, a steelmaking process that is developing very rapidly in China.




Despite the various differences between the Chinese and Mexican cultures, Alberto Conejo believes that under the surface of both cultures we share the same emotions and feelings. Alberto Conejo loves China and the working atmosphere at USTB. " USTB is now my home, my ship on this journey to achieve my dreams. I hope to interact with as many students as possible and share my experiences and stories in this field."




Alberto Cornejo, a nature lover, also has his heart set on environmental sustainability and the building of a community of human destiny. "Researchers at USTB have been playing a crucial role in the positive change towards a more sustainable steel industry. If we have the ability to remove all barriers to metallurgical research and work collectively across the board, we will surely build a better world."