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USTB-DMU Confucius Institute Joins the First DMU On-site Open Day since March 2020


On 3 July 2021, USTB-DMU Confucius Institute (CI) took part in the first on-site DMU Open Day since March 2020. Different from the virtual Open Days, the colorful and striking Chinese elements on the Confucius Institute stand attracted many students and parents. The stand is at the entrance of Vijay Patel Building, the centerpiece of the DMU’s Leicester campus, where the Confucius Institute is located.


Pic 1 - A Confucius Institute stand at DMU Onsite Open Day


Visitors gathered around the CI stand to enjoy splendid China knots, colorful Peking Opera facial masks, leaflets of Chinese teaching programmes, and various bilingual books on Chinese fashion, ceramics, cuisine, arts, etc. Some visitors enquired about Chinese courses, others were interested in the CI cultural events, such as Chinese festivals, tea ceremonies, traditional operas and so on. The forthcoming USTB Summer School, Cultural Gifts & Multilingual Conversations, Chinese Literature Book Club, folk music concerts and so on intrigued visitors greatly. Students planning to study and/or intern in China are keen to know more about modules such as “History with Mandarin” and “English with Mandarin” launched by DMU and the CI. It is hoped that DMU staff and students can enjoy more unique learning experience and exchange opportunities offered by both DMU and USTB.


Pic 2 - Confucius Institute teachers answer enquiries about Chinese teaching programmes


In the last 17 months, the CI has kept on providing DMU and schools in Leicester/Leicestershire a large variety of online Chinese teaching programmes and cultural activities despite the epidemic. The actual Open Day with face-to-face communication promises a step closer to normality. The CI is looking forward to more opportunities to enrich the cultural diversity of the university and the community beyond.