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Materials science:Share corrosion data



November 26, 2015Li Xiaogang new materials technology research institute professor of USTB team research paper "share corrosion data" in the Nature of the world's top science and technology journals are published. This is the first time that our school has published a research paper in the journal of Nature, marking a new level of basic research in our school. It is reported that this is China's corrosion discipline, but also the world's Chinese corrosion researchers first published in the journal Nature research paper.

Material corrosion has caused great economic losses, casualties and environmental disasters. The discipline of material corrosion is a discipline that relies heavily on data. Whether it is the study of corrosion mechanism and laws, determination of test methods, formulation of industrial standards, or treatment of corrosion accidents, it relies heavily on corrosion data and its corrosion-related environmental data. Due to the complexity of material corrosion process and its interaction with environment traditional fragmented corrosion data can not meet the needs of rapid development of manufacturing and social infrastructure. Professor li xiaogang's team put forward the original concept of "corroding big data" in the journal Nature published on November 26, 2015. Based on this concept, they put forward the key research on the theoretical level of "corroding big data" : establishing standardized "corroding big data" data warehouse; "Corrosion big data" data modeling and data picture representation of the results; Corrosion process simulation and experimental verification were carried out with "corrosion big data". The key research on the technical level of "corrosion big data" is as follows: large-flux and high-density acquisition, wireless transmission and storage of "corrosion big data" and environmental data; Engineering application of "corrosion big data" modeling and simulation results; Construction and operation of data sharing platform based on the concept of "corroding big data". The above aspects constitute the theoretical system of corrosion informatics, that is, corrosion genome engineering. For 30 years, they have been engaged in material corrosion data accumulation, modeling, simulation and sharing and engineering applications.

Li xiaogang is currently a professor at the center for corrosion and protection, vice President and secretary general of the Chinese society of corrosion and protection, and director of the national platform for corrosion of materials and environment. National material corrosion environment platform is the national environmental corrosion test station network development, the material environment corrosion test station net under the leadership of the late ShiChangXu academician, from national natural science foundation, is the affiliated in a national natural fund committee materials, long-term obtained the national natural science foundation funding and support, in 2009 incorporated in the ministry of science and technology platform construction project of national science and technology basic conditions, development become national material corrosion environment platform. After more than 50 years of construction and development, it has become the most perfect natural environment corrosion research platform in China and the largest natural environment corrosion research institution in the world.