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Research and application of eaf steelmaking compound blowing technology

     The research and application of eaf steelmaking compound blowing technology presided by professor Zhu Rong won the second prize of the State Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2016. With the goal of high efficiency, low consumption, energy saving and high quality production, the team led by professor zhu rong from the school of metallurgy and ecological engineering first proposed and developed a new generation of eaf smelting technology -- "eaf steelmaking compound blowing technology". The achievements have been extended to more than 60 domestic and foreign steel enterprises such as tianjin steel tube group co., LTD., with more than 100 electric arc furnaces, more than 100 sets of complete sets of patented products and more than 20,000 spare parts sales, covering more than 30% of domestic electric furnace steel production capacity. Relevant technology and products have been exported to Italy, Russia, South Korea and other countries. The project can save 850 million kWh of electricity and reduce CO2 by 1 billion kg per year. The achievements have promoted the eaf steelmaking process and equipment manufacturing level, and advanced the high-end equipment manufacturing industry and eaf steelmaking technology.