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Research on the structure and toughening of block amorphous alloy

   "Research on the structure and toughening of block amorphous alloy" presided by professor Lv Zhaoping won the second prize ofthe State Natural Science Award in 2018. The project around a new generation of structural material, bulk amorphous alloy research work on the key scientific problems, reveals the amorphous alloy atoms structure characteristics and the universal law of stacking, puts forward the new idea of amorphous alloy is strong regulatory mechanism and organization, established by an orderly structure in disordered solid strength of the new theory, the organization performance of controllable preparation, has spawned a new amorphous structure and strong research direction, not only for clarification of amorphous alloy stacking structure has made the important contribution to the atomic level, also for the development of high-performance amorphous alloy material provides a theoretical basis and new way of thinking.