With the motto of “Seeking Truth and Promoting Innovation”, USTB is committed to providing quality education and real-world opportunities to future generations of scholars and industry innovators.

Greeting Message

Message From the Chancellor and President

The origins of the University of Science and Technology Beijing can be traced back to 1952, when the university was formed by bringing together the engineering departments of six famous universities, including Tsinghua University and Tianjin University. Since then it has developed into a key university under the leadership of China’s Ministry of Education, with the coordinated development of its engineering, science, management, culture, economics, and law departments, as well as other disciplines. Over the last few decades USTB has been chosen, in recognition of its accomplishments, to join several high-level national initiatives including the “211 Project”, “985 Project”, and “2011 Plan”. Now, after over many years of development and boasting more than 200,000, USTB and its cohorts of students have been at the forefront of national scientific advancement, political and industrial leadership, and pursuing global collaboration.

Since our founding USTB has become known both nationally and internationally in four key disciplines: metallurgical engineering, material science and engineering, mining engineering, and the history of science and technology (in 2017 USTB was ranked first-class internationally in each discipline). While we continue to adhere to our core strengths in engineering and science, USTB has also made great strides in becoming a fully-functional and innovative cross-disciplinary institution. Today we strive to provide the best education to students of all walks of life both across China and around the world. It is our goal to provide students with the tools and lessons they need to enter the global market as high-value workers and contributors; indeed, over the years our university has produced so many successful engineers and national politicians that we are also known as “the cradle of iron and steel engineers” and “cradle of mayors”.

Finally, a word on our global mission. Today as the world becomes ever more tightly-knit and China takes its place as a global leader, it becomes ever more important that we enhance our international outreach. USTB was the first Chinese university to partner with a foreign university during the reform and opening up, and today we continue to maintain and build new partnerships with a growing number of universities, private industries, and research groups. At the same time we open ourselves to a growing international student population, who have helped to characterize our internationally-minded campus. Taken altogether we look forward to seeing USTB continue to grow and innovate in the coming years, further increase our international presence, and carry on its tradition of strengthening the nation.

WU Guilong   YANG Renshu