USTB faculty do more than just teach. They are distinguished scientists and researchers, authors, and public intellectuals.

Through teaching, research, and service, they play an essential role in helping USTB achieve its vision.


At the University of Science and Technology Beijing we recognise our people as the university's greatest assets. Right recruitment and induction processes are therefore vital in ensuring that a new member of staff becomes effective in the shortest time. Our success as an organisation depends on having the right number of staff, with the right skills and abilities joining us at the right time.


USTB is home to over 25,000 students, with nearly half pursuing graduate degrees. Here students and over 1,800 teachers work together, alongside our partners in private industry and academic institutions, to engage in cutting-edge research particularly in the fields of material science and engineering, metallurgical engineering, and mining engineering. With the motto of “seeking truth and innovation”, USTB is committed to providing quality education and practical opportunities to future generations of scholars and industry innovators.