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YANG Renshu


Prof. YANG Renshu currently serves as the President of University of Science and Technology Beijing. He received his bachelor's degree from Huainan Mining Institute (now Anhui University of Science and Technology), and his master's and Ph.D. degrees from China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing. For the past 30 years his research interests have focused on the basic theory and practical applications of blasting technology and tunneling in coal mines. Prof. Yang has innovated and developed new methods of rock blasting experimentation, and studied the interaction mechanisms and destructive effects on rocks exerted by the stress of an explosive wave. He has developed several applied technologies including directional fracture controlled blasting, deep-hole cutting blasting and blasting vibration control methods. In addition, he has found solutions to many key technical problems including poor perimeter shaping, inefficient utilization of blasting holes which results in serious damage to surrounding rock. These technologies are of great importance in making controlled blasting more precise, efficient and safer, thus making significant contributions to the advancement of blasting technology for tunneling in coal mines. He has won numerous national and provincial awards, including second prize in the National Technology Invention Award (rated first among winners), 2 second prizes in the National S&T Progress Awards (rated first and seventh among winners, respectively), 9 first prizes in the national and provincial S&T Progress Awards (ranked first among winners) and the Sun Yueqi "Energy Award" in 2018. He has authored over 50 papers that can be indexed by either SCI or EI (ranked first). He has authored 4 books, owns 28 national patents (ranked first) and has copyrighted 8 software patents. He has received a special government subsidy of the State Council. Before holding his positions in USTB, he previously served as the Vice President, Chancellor, and President of China University of Mining and Technology.

Prof. YANG has served as the President of USTB since July 2018.