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ZHANG Weidong


Prof. ZHANG Weidong, Vice President of USTB. He received his doctoral degree in Control Science and Engineering from USTB. His research direction focuses on multi-sensors monitoring, intelligent control, system reliability, and safety assessment. Prof. ZHANG has received numerous honors, including being honored as a member of "Golden Medal for the Top 10 Outstanding Young People in Beijing". He has won the "Third Class Prizes of Beijing Scientific and Technological Progress Award" and the "Beijing New-star Plan of Science and Technology". He owns over 10 patents, has authored over 50 academic papers, and has built an international interdisciplinary research team of "Data Integration and Safety Assessment". Previously, Prof. ZHANG served as Associate Director of Department of Science and Technology, and Director of the Office of the President at USTB, Director of Changping Branch Campus of USTB, Director of National major science and technology infrastructure for Materials Service Safety Assessment Facilities (MSAF), Director of National Center for Materials Service Safety (NCMS), Vice Director of China Advanced Materials Testing and Evaluation Alliance, Secretary General of Materials Service Safety Committee of Chinese Society for Testing and Materials (CSTM), and member of the INFORMS, TMS and Chinese Society for Metals (CSM).

Prof. ZHANG has served as the Vice President of USTB since May 2021.